Top 5 Financial Websites to Bookmark

There are thousands of options when choosing a source of financial information. It could be news, guides or just interesting stories that you can read and learn from. However, it is very hard to get lost in the noise that is digital marketing, where everybody is trying to be the most viewed or the most liked. Therefore let’s look at the top 5 best Financial websites that you should have bookmarked.


The name may be a bit misleading, but ForexNewsNow is not an exclusively Forex News based website. They cover information about pretty much all of the markets as well as write comprehensive guides on specific trading strategies or guidelines for beginners to get more acquinted with the markets.

They also write unbiased reviews of Forex brokers looking into the depths of the company’s services, create accounts and subject themselves to the full force of the scam if it is a reality.


Bloomberg is the largest Financial news source out there. You can find news about pretty much anything there. It can be about Forex, Stocks, Indices and pretty much anything connected to finance.

They also have special expert writers who not only report on the news, but also analyze them and make the predictions of price drops or price spikes.


It is no surprise that CNBC is here alongside Bloomberg. It is a given that if there is no information about a given topic on Bloomberg, you’ll definitely be able to find it on CNBC. The layout of the website is pretty much similar. However, CNBC does tend to have a lot more video content than Bloomberg, which is an excellent advantage if you want to listen to the news rather than read it.


Anything and everything connected to cryptocurrencies can be found on this website. You can call it the Bloomberg/CNBC of cryptocurrencies. Pretty much any information you want to find out about a specific coin you can find it on this website.

Alongside the news, the website has comprehensive guides for crypto beginners, written in layman’s terms. It is the best bet of newcomers to get further acquinted with the market.

Baby Pips

Baby Pips is a website that is dedicated to explain all of the financial terms the easiest way they possibly can. Therefore it is an amazing website for beginners. On top of that, Baby Pips goes a step further and explains the terms not only in simple terms, but in a sort of street language type.

You can find a bunch of guides and glossaries there, but no news connected to the financial markets however.

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