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We are living in the era of technologies and innovations which are developing so rapidly some people find it hard to adapt to it. If you consider yourself as a tech whizz you are a lucky one! According to Forbes, technologies will be one of the seven skills that robots cannot take from humans! However, as a tech guy, you need to be developing yourself continuously for three main reasons. First of all, the world is changing fast now and technologies are evolving on a daily basis. You need to be aware of all changes and adapt your skills if you want to keep being relevant. Every new generation understands technologies better and better, it is already very natural for them and they can get better in it easily with so many resources. Last but not least, if you are into technologies, you need to be best, like everyone in every other field – if they want to be successful.

Here are some websites you need to have bookmarked if you are considering yourself to be a tech-whizz. Of course, these are not the only websites that tackle the technology industry, you can find a lot of guides and educational content on the internet. Some websites for techies are amazing at creating guides, but in order to have the most effective one, it should look something like this. The three websites you will find here are great in their own ways. If you will use all of them you will be able to develop, be aware of all news and changes and learn more about the technologies. Let’s start!

This website is for the people who want to become tech whizz. With a very simple design and layout, the website offers educational materials for the people who want to learn to programme. You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web building, Python, PHP, and server side. The website also offers exercises so you are not only learning theoretics but you can practice as well. The best part of the website is that its completely free!

Hence, if you want to become a tech-whizz, make sure to bookmark this website. However, not just bookmark it but make sure you get the best out of it. This is the perfect free tool to learn the ABC of programming and get yourself a career none of the robots can take away from you!

This can easily be one of the best websites for the developers. It connects you with hundreds of other developers from all around the world. You can ask the questions about the development, the problems, issues and bugs you have while developing and the other users of the website will help you to solve it with their answers. At the same time, you can post the answers yourself and receive badges and privileges from the website.

When entering the website you can already see questions and answers in different categories and maybe find the solution for your problem right away.

After registering you can also connect with the people who are in need of a programmer or developer and find a remote job. Hence, the website helps you solve the problem, gives you the opportunity to help the people and find the job from anywhere in the world.


Tech-insider on  – as a tech whizz you should always be the one who has the hottest information about what is happening in the technologies. The tech-insider keeps you updated about every changes and news in the industry. If you will save it as a bookmark and give it a couple of minutes to see what is happening around you in the tech world – you will be able to determine where the tech development is going and how can you catch up.

These are the websites I would advise you to have bookmarked. You can learn, get better, find a job and get all the newest information to keep yourself up to date.

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