Websites to bookmark if you are a trader


You might have spent the past few weeks wondering how to make the right decision on your tax returns. Or maybe you have spent the past several hours trying to make a decision on whether you should start trading crypto CFDs or exchanges? It could also be that you have been trying to decide whether to sell a stock or to buy one. Whatever it is, you may have finally ended up with a decision you need someone’s help on. So, in order to be able to make this decision quickly in the future, without hesitation, you might want to start visiting certain websites more often. Maybe even bookmark them (read: you should), in order to have quick and easy access.

The websites to check with

The list of websites you should be checking in on, regularly, is pretty short. That is because there is a whole lot of them, but you only need three to understand the very basics of what is happening in the markets right now. The three areas that need to be covered are the mainstream market fluctuations from two reliable sources and the definitions of the terms and concepts that are currently being used in the news cycle.


Investopedia is, for now, one of the most reliable sources of knowledge about market terms and definitions. It provides users with a general idea of what certain aspects of the market are. They help users understand the very basics and very complex subjects by providing detailed information and highly valuable examples. They do so because they are managed by a team of reliable individuals and experienced professionals. Bookmarking this website guarantees that you will be able to understand the happenings on the market, if not immediately, then after however long it takes you to get to the website and look up what you want to know.

CNN Business

CNN might be a news outlet that is specific to the US, and one that might be more or less biased to the left, but when it comes to money, they are as reliable as a new source gets. Users will be able to get their hands on opinion pieces and reports equally easily, allowing them to be updated on the current happenings on the market without having to worry about being misled or having the wrong information by chance. The news source is one of the best to have to understand the political and economic context of the current events on the market and try to strategies around the coming changes.


What is preferred to getting your information from a reliable source? Verifying your information with a second source dedicated to working with the global market industries. Reuters is one of the most reputable news outlets out there. They are actually one of the few resources that many websites use in order to confirm whether their news is correct or not. So you should probably get in the game too.These guys will provide you with the most relevant information pertaining to global financial markets, and they will be the first to do so. Bookmarking them will help your trading or financial market observation immensely.

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